Sunday 19 May
European Writers Festival: Transforming Historical Narratives with Anne Berest
Writing about history is central to European literature but how we write about it, and who writes it, has changed. When your personal history is embedded in historic change how does that shape your narrative ? Who are the writers taking over from the Great Men of History, to tell its stories in daring new ways? Find out with French author Anne Berest alongside Christos Chomendis (Greece), Tomas Vaiseta (Lithuania) and Zyta Rudzka (Poland) in the panel Transforming Historical Narratives.

Venue: British Library
Thursday 23 May
Giuliano da Empoli: The Wizard of the Kremlin
Translated into thirty languages across the world, Giuliano da Empoli’s The Wizard of the Kremlin is a stunning work of political fiction that reads like a thriller. Charting the rise to power of Putin’s notorious spin doctor, Surkov, in brilliant, nightmarish fashion, it truly propels the reader into the dark and complex world of Russian politics. Meet Giuliano da Empoli at Daunt Books Marylebone

Venue: Daunt Books Marylebone


Tuesday 21 May
In Conversation with Anne Berest
After her visit in London, author Anne Berest will be presenting her novel The Postcard at the Institut français d’Écosse. Her book tells the story of a family devastated by the Holocaust and yet somehow restored by love and the power of storytelling.

Venue: Institut français d’Écosse